XML Sitemaps

Extensible Markup Language (XML)
for SEO technicians and websites

XML Informations

XML stands for "Extensible Markup Language" and is in short a data format that describes data. With an XML file, we can map data in a hierarchical and structured form within a text file. An XML file is readable by both machines and humans.

When we talk about the XML format in the SEO world, we almost always refer to an XML sitemap. Operators of e-commerce companies, marketplace sellers with an ERP system and very large agencies in online advertising are also familiar with XML files for other applications.

Here on this page about the XML data format, you will find all the information about XML in relation to SEO and search engine crawlers. Few website owners know the benefits and power of an XML sitemap. Discover now, together with the Solar Enterprises team, XML sitemaps and how to use them correctly in your favour.

XML Sitemap Definition

XML sitemap files are ordinary text files that make use of the Extensible Markup Language.
XML Sitemap-Documents must use the UTF-8 character encoding.
Wikipedia.org Dec. 2021

According to the guidelines, sitemap files may not contain more than 50,000 URLs per XML sitemap document and may not exceed 50MB in size. A medium-sized online shop or website may quickly reach the limits of the maximum data volume. We from the Solar Enterprises team are always happy to advise you on the practical procedure if your XML sitemaps become too large.