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Solar Enterprises Online is a European translation agency with a lot of international experience. We translate texts from English or Dutch as an in-house agency. We are two German-born native speakers capable of translating all types of content. English has been a familiar language to us for over 30 years. All in all, we have been living and working in the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 10 years now. The Dutch language, also in the Flemish version, is very well known to us. However, we are convinced, and share the opinion of many colleagues, that only a native speaker can provide an impeccable translation.

Native speaker translations from German to English, Dutch or other languages are done reliably and quickly by native speakers from our close-knit network. We check the translations for possible errors and 100% SEO conformity. Only then is the content released for the respective project. We make a clear distinction between classic technical translations and translations where a good sound is much more important. For example, for SEO or SEA projects. An international advertising campaign will never be successful if it is only translated 1:1. We at Solar Enterprises know the importance of keyword research per country and how to process it.

Do you have a current need for translations of 🇩🇪 DE / 🇳🇱 NL / 🇬🇧 EN content? Do you want to expand your national project and achieve international success? Don't hesitate and contact us today. We provide each client with an individual quote with a fair price per word or a total price. You can contact us for translations of content from the Netherlands or Belgium, as well as for translations from English-speaking countries. We do these jobs in-house. We coordinate other translation options and have the content edited exclusively by native speakers.

We are happy to receive your request for a translation quote. You can use our contact form, send an email or call us personally. Do not hesitate with your request if it is only for a short translation.

Translator definition

A translator is, in the narrower sense, a language mediator who usually translates written text
from a source language into a target language. Nov. 2019

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A translation agency or office coordinates the work of individual translators. Simultaneous and effective translation quickly gets any project off the ground, even on a European level. We translate for e-commerce companies, Amazon sellers, TV productions and many more. Our translations will open up new markets for you.