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Sales platforms & Online marketplaces

Many sales platforms and online marketplaces exist for internet traders. There are also many different providers, shops and suppliers for each individual marketplace on the internet. We at the Solar Enterprises Team know the individual advantages and disadvantages of the different online marketplaces. Furthermore, we know when it is really worthwhile for you to engage in PPC campaigns for your marketplace listings. Amazon and Google Shopping Ads are part of our daily business. Likewise, listings on all European marketplaces of the major suppliers.

Before we talk to you about Amazon Advertising or Facebook Advertising, we optimise all relevant listings in terms of titles, descriptions and images. We create the corresponding data feeds for all Google Shopping campaigns, as well as logos and perfect product images.

Here you will find all information by the Solar Enterprises team about online marketplaces and our possible services to you. We are convinced that only a perfect listing can generate a large number of sales. That's why we also advise all customers on possible or necessary improvements before the actual campaign launch. We deliver product text translations and PPC campaigns completely from a single source.

Use our contact options here and show us your plans and products for sale on one or even several marketplaces on the net. Of course, we also offer a global initial consultation for orientation with an overview of the ranges, costs and obligations. A special feature of Solar Enterprises is our experience on the Dutch marketplace and selling as a (German) dealer there.

Online marketplace definition

Virtual location within a superordinate data network within which virtual business transactions are carried out.

The largest and best-known online marketplaces on the internet are B2C marketplaces with a horizontal orientation (Amazon, Ebay,,, etc.) This means a wide range of products and a large target group. In addition, there are a large number of small specific marketplaces and economic models.