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Client ratings

This is where you will find all the reviews on the projects and services offered by the Solar Enterprises Online team. We ask for honest feedback on all Projects at our Partners. We are proud to present a number of international reviews and look forward to receiving many more positive feedbacks in the future. It is possible to rate us on Google, Facebook and many other portals. Click here for a Google Rating to us by you.

Would you like to discuss your feedback and rating with us first? Did something not go 100% according to your wishes? Then please let us know as soon as possible and we will see what we can improve. To date, we have successfully completed all projects and our clients are happy and satisfied with our services. Please find attached links with our contact information.

Did you find our site because you have questions or problems about your customer reviews? Did your marketplace listings not do well and customers left you negative feedback? Is your score not increasing at Trusted Shops, Trustami or another online rating portal? Then you have just found the right agency. Contact us today and we will advise you on your customer reviews online. The Solar Enterprises Team is an official Trusted Shops Sales Partner for the entire European region. The very well-known seal of approval has already boosted many shops to unprecedented sales figures. Let us advise you and convince you of the possibilities now. Click here for more Information for retailers about the Trusted Shops rating portal build in Cologne Germany.

Online reviews

Would you stay with a stranger in an unknown city? In general NO, but if there is corresponding trustworthy feedback from other travellers then we tend to say YES and quickly click on the BOOK NOW button. Reviews are essential on the worldwide net and the cornerstone to lasting success.

The convincing example of the importance of customer feedback and product ratings comes from the Cologne based company Trusted Shops. During a webinar on the new eTrusted rating portal, the question was asked, and since then it has accompanied us as a reference to references.