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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning which means a central resource planning tool designed for companies. We as an full service online marketing agency have specialised in modern ERP systems for E-Commerce Businesses. On this page we provide recommendations for the right ERP system for your project on the web.

Our, and probably also your, requirements for an ERP system are high. Several different functions and processes must be combined as smoothly and automatically as possible into one central location. The respective requirements change per project and over time. We at Solar Enteprises Online know the top ERP systems on the market and are happy about every new feature.

ERP System Recommendations

Further information on ERP system solutions by the Solar Enterprises team:

  • Personal system consultation | get in touch with us directly for detailed ERP advice
  • Prestashop | Multi Shop Solution from France. Very fast ERP shop software
  • MAGENTO | Open Source Adobe Inc. project / most used online shop software 2020/21
  • Shopware | Very widespread in Germany / similar to MAGENTO from free to Enterprise Edition
  • Plentymarkets | German e-commerce shop system by Plentysystems AG AWS Cloud
  • Shopify | Shop system very widespread worldwide / Shopify Plus major customers Example: Google & Tesla.

ERP Systems Basics

E-commerce basics and ERP systems for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Choosing the right ERP system that perfectly fits your individual needs is essential. The choice of ERP systems, from small to large, is endless and it is easy to lose track. We offer a practical page with links and tips to the most trustworthy providers.

ERP System Definition

A Enterprise Resource Planning system is a complex application or a multitude of applications that communicate with each other and are used for central resource planning. | Citation 2019

Depending on the industry, the ERP system requirements are very different. We focus here on ERP systems for off- and online trade, which are highly scalable and 100% multifunctional. A good ERP combines a CMS, a CRM system together with marketplace integrations and inventory management modules.