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About Us... Solar Enterprises Online
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About Us...

Marco Solar & Maya Solar are the leading minds around the Solar Enterprises Team. The international full-service marketing and translation agency was founded at the turn of the year 2015 / 2016. Since 2016, you can book SEO, SEA, SEM and other services with Solar Enterprises. Marco Solar has been in the SEO world since 2014, when he was still a part-time employee or freelancer for various SEO and SEA agencies in the Netherlands. Nowadays he is the founder and head of Solar Enterprises. Maya Solar supports him full-time with all projects.

Our agency, based in De Haan in Belgium offers the right team for all international online entrepreneurs and traders to work together with. We live the European idea of open borders and a free trade. After living in the Netherlands for almost 10 years, then moving to Belgium via the South of France, we can now say with certainty that we know our neighbouring countries extremely well.

The Solar Enterprises Online team is a team of german native speakers with extra capabilities of Dutch, French and English of course. We love creativity, with words or with pictures. Our clients benefit from our imaginative marketing ideas, our international network of professionals, and in any case from our wealth of international experience.

Click here for the latest Client Ratings and a survey of our Reference projects. You can submit new project enquiries at any time via our Contact form, by Email or also by telephone. At the moment, ERP solutions and connections to various marketplaces, as well as optimisation of the local SEO profile are very popular and in demand.

How can we help you? Are you convinced by us and our team? If you are still in doubt about a question, we will be happy to discuss all open points in a short, non-binding video chat. Basically, we can be reached on all channels. We are looking forward to your request. Your Solar Enterprises Online Team.

Marco Solar

Marco Solar | Solar Enterprises Online

Marco Solar 1983, is founder and leading director of the full-service Solar Enterprises agency. Team. He is from Cologne, just like his wife, and was born in the 80s. He has an electrical engineering background, but also many years of experience and a great passion for creative activities.

If you don't know Marco Solar (yet) from the SEO world, then maybe from another project. Marco operates the websites Angelurlaubtipps.de and Fish-Tackle.eu. He is very well known among sport fishermen in Europe.

Marco Solar is the head of operations at Solar Enterprises Online. He is the managing director and first point of contact for all external project partners. All partners and customers appreciate the direct and honest contact.

Maya Solar

Mareike - Maya Solar | Solar Enterprises Online

Maya Solar 1984, is the creative and inventive soul of the Solar Enterprises team. She always gets involved when it comes to spontaneous and unusual ideas far away from the mainstream. Art in the form of texts and graphics, she conjures extraordinary things for us and our customers every day.

Many beautiful design elements originate from Maya Solar's hands. All French and English customers of Solar Enterprises are enthusiastic about Maya and her great dialects. Maya Solar lives all languages and is familiar with a lot of regional dialects.

Maya Solar handles all international enquiries and supports the various customer service(s) of the Solar Enterprises online full-service marketing agency projects. She actively manages all successful Solar Enterprises in-house projects.

Team Solar Enterprises

Love and passion for high quality #SEO Projects with love and cutting-edge e-commerce businesses, as well as active and international networks - that's what we share at the Solar Enterprises Online Team. Europe is our home, and this is where our team is active. Our team stands for honest opinions and fair prices. Join the Club and discover the service and reach of Solar Enterprises.